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China, concerned about the nutritional needs of a population of over 1.4 billion people, has embarked upon upgrading its agricultural sector. Thus, since 2007, BIOTEK Agriculture, with its many years of experience, opened an office to conquer this market.

Now based in Beijing, the BIOTEK Agriculture China is operational and ready to serve you.
BIOTEK Agriculture China offers expert technicians and engineers to assist you in market research and the translation of documents (technical or commercial). You will also find BIOTEK Agriculture China at a fulcrum for the preparation of applications for marketing authorisation and registration of varieties.

Ensuring a permanent relationship with governmental authorities, BIOTEK Agriculture China will also advise and guide you on the proper implementation of regulatory procedures.

Maintaining a competent network and strategically located, BIOTEK Agriculture China will partner with you for the management of your plant protection product trials (residue, efficacy, selectivity) and variety trials on Chinese soil.

BIOTEK Agriculture Technology Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has also established individually tailored agricultural study tours to meet all your needs!

For more information, BIOTEK Agriculture China is available to discuss your projects.

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Beijing Li Chun Agriculture TechnologyCo., Ltd.
WeiShan Town,
Ban Bi Dian Village,
Daxing District,
Beijing, China, 102611

Contact: Mathieu MOUREREAU  (Managing Director)
–  乔玛修,试验项目负责人  (
Tel : +86 185 1119 0912