TERRAE is the Certification Department of BIOTEK Agriculture. TERRAE intervenes to the advantage of agricultural professionals in the fields of quality in agricultural production.

  • Company Certification for plant protection products
    We are accredited for the Certification of sale, free distribution, application and directions for use of crop protection products (COFRAC accreditation n°5-0535 to be downloaded on COFRAC website: www.cofrac.fr)
  • Environmental Certification
    We are accredited by the National Commission for Environmental Certification for conducting evaluations of farms engaged in initiatives which are particularly environmentally friendly.
    We are empowered by the Union of Paris for the implementation of audit in storage organizations according to the reference CSA-GTP (Food Safety Charter – European Code of Good Business Practices), from the Guide to Good Hygienic Practices for the collection, storage, marketing and transportation of cereals, oilseeds and protein crops.
  • Third-party monitoring
    We carry out third party inspections as dictated by the straw cereals production charter of the ARVALIS Plant Institute.
  • Other services
    Additional services may also be considered such as the implementation of private standards or preliminary audits (or blank audits).
  • Organic Farming
    We are accredited by  the INAO and are able to audit under the official organic farming guideline.


– To benefit from the skills of agricultural specialist auditors, close to the action,
– To benefit from the expertise of an independent, neutral, impartial organization which ensures confidentiality at all levels of its services,
– To benefit from a service adapted to the structure of your business,
– To limit formality in favour of efficiency,
– To help track your process through our proximity.

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