Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 6.13.42 PMWe are pleased to announce that Biotek Agriculture Argentina in Mendoza is now in operation and that our facilities can guarantee an immediate start of variety trials, residue trials (GLP), efficacy field trials (GPE) and food processing studies.

Mendoza is located in semi-desert conditions on the Argentina side of the Andes and has a rainfall of less than 240mm/year so agriculture is subject to irrigation.
Rivers that provide water to Mendoza are divided in the regions they supply. The Mendoza river, one of the most important, provides the north region. The Tunuyán river is located in De Uco Valley, in the centre region. The Diamante and Atuel rivers provide for the south region.

Crop facts :
Fruit growing: 60 000 ha
The region of Cuyo is one of the most important growers of stone and pome fruits in Argentina, mainly in the south region where industrial varieties are found. The majority of production is for fresh consumption.
Olive growing: 25 000 ha
Mendoza has the 34% of the total area of olives of Argentina. Main production is for conserved olives.
Horticulture: 40 000 ha
Garlic is the most important crop with more than 12 000 ha, then potatoes, tomatoes and onions.
Viticulture: 150 000 ha
This is the most important crop in the province, covering 70% of the country’s area.
Strategic location
Mendoza is located within reach of the crops that are not in the province such as cereals, corn, soya and citrus.
Our base will allow the installation, managing and auditing trials in the main crop producing countries in South America: Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

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