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Ukraine is Europe’s second largest country and a leading exporter of agricultural products. It is famous for its black soil plains (chernozems), which are among the most fertile in the world. Its statute of “the world’s largest granary” is universally recognized.

Currently, it is the world’s first supplier of barley and second of sunflower and oilseed rape. Ukraine produces around 50 million tons of grain, including 23 million for export. This country has a potential production of 100 million tons.

Ukraine is far from exploiting all this potential. A third of its 42 million arable hectares is in wasteland and another third is badly farmed. In spite of its great prospects, the application of old techniques and methods of exploitation are holding back further agricultural development. Hence, the rise of the scientific research in this field.

The diversity of soil temperature and humidity found in Ukraine makes it possible to simultaneously cultivate cereals in the central area of Ukraine, sugar beet and potatoes in the west and the north of the country, and to develop the market gardening, horticulture and wine growing in the south.

The objective of BIOTEK Agriculture Ukraine is to contribute to the increase in profitability and improvement of the quality of the agricultural production. BIOTEK Agriculture Ukraine coordinates and conducts variety trials on straw cereals, maize, oilseed rape and sunflower. BIOTEK also carries out plant protection trials on a great number of crops.


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