Head Office Location: Arad

The Head office of  BIOTEK Agriculture Romania is located in Arad in the North part of the country, but we also have an office in à Solobozia / Tanderei in the South.
Hence, the BIOTEK Agriculture Romania team can set up and manage variety, residue and efficacy field trials in the main agricultural areas of the country (North, West and South) .
Created in 2002, BIOTEK Agriculture Romania obtained GEP certification in 2013PDF

Romania is divided to 4 main agricultural regions:
1.    North-West and Centre
2.    North-East and South-East
3.    Ilfov county and South-Muntenia
4.    South-West Oltenia and the West

In the country there are 14,7 million hectares for agricultural cultivation, in which:
•    9,4 m ha arable land (63,9 %)
•    3,3 m ha pasture-land (22,4 %)
•    1,5 m ha meadow (10,2 %)
•    218 000 ha vineyard (1,5 %)
•    206 000 ha orchard and nursery garden (1,4 %)

Romania has a great agricultural potential and after the hard years in the past, a continuous and significant development can be observed in this business sector. BIOTEK Agriculture with its long experience in GLP and GEP studies is ready to give you a professional service to assist you in the execution of your business objectives.



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