Head Office Location: Verona

Biotek Agriculture Italy is located in the Veneto region, near Verona in north-central Italy (between Milan and Venice). This area provides the highest agricultural production in Italy. In a radius of 200 km, almost all crops are represented.
Vine and tree crops are most prevalent.
In the hilly areas, north of Verona, for example, the grape-wine crop is particularly important (Valpolicella, Bardolino, Soave …). In the areas south east of Verona, orchard crops are common, mainly for the production of apple and pear.
South-west of Verona, there is much peach production, thanks to the deep soils. South of Verona, a lowland area, there are many arable crops (mostly maize), wheat, barley, peas, potatoes, rice, tobacco, ….
About 80 km south east of Verona, near the Adriatic, the sandy soils are conducive to market-garden crops (fruits, vegetables and flowers).
With this diversity of crops, climates are cold in winter and hot in summer, most diseases, pests and weeds are present.

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