Head Office Location: Murcia

 BIOTEK Agriculture España S.L opened his first office in Spain at 2008, in Murcia, in the South-East of Spain, one of the most important and modern areas for agriculture. From that date, we have opened two more field offices in Almeria (South, protected crops) and Vitoria (North)


The Headquarters in Murcia and the field offices are GEP and also GLP accredited in the expertise areas of residues (6) and behaviour on soil (5) and offers field studies in the following crops :

  • Murcia (South-East): Open field and protected vegetables, Fruit trees, Vine grapes and Table grapes, Cotton, Poppy, Sunflower, Potatoes, Maize, Cereals, Rice, Citrus.
  • Vitoria (North): Cereals, Vine grapes, Open field vegetables, Fruit trees, Oil Seed Rape, Legumes, Potatoes, Maize, Sugar beet, Sunflower.
  • Almeria (South): 45.000 hectares of Protected vegetables, Citrus, Sub-tropical crops (avocado pear tree, custard apple, mango, Loquat), Strawberries and Raspberries, Cotton, Olives, Cereals.


Our team is integrated by expert field technicians, auditors and other supporting staff. We are able to manage your studies with the best quality and accuracy, and give to our clients the best results in-time.
Our acknowledgement of the local GAPs and excellent collaborators and farmers in each area of the country, give us the capability to setup any kind of trial in very short time, with a high percentage of success.
Our reports are accurate and complete. We are experts in ARM software and iAdvantage.





BIOTEK Agriculture España S.L
C/Uruguay Parcela 14 Nave C7B
Poligono Industrial Oeste
30820 MURCIA

Contact : Alfonso GARCIA (Managing director)
Tel : +34 968 77 64 63