Agri-Food Processing Studies

Agri-Food Processing Studies

Thanks to its own processing laboratories, and along with its network of 12 experimental units, BIOTEK Agriculture is able to offer you a complete range of food processing trials services.

These processes are essential to study the non-intentional effects of plant protection products or to carry out “residues profiles” during the development of finished products.

Various process procedures can be implemented – from the making of preserves and jams, and the production of wine, cider, beer and bread – to dry products and baby food. The techniques used are possible by incorporating existing methods which closely resemble industrial techniques.

Simultaneously, while conducting the processing, BIOTEK Agriculture can offer you taint tests (triangular tests) on the raw food and/or finished products.


Agri-food processing studies

  • Grapes: red, white, rose wines, sparkling wines, thermovinification, grape juice, raisins.
  • Potatoes: crisps, French fries, puree, cooked potatoes (water, baked, steamed, micro-waved).
  • Fruits vegetables (tomato, pepper): juice, can, puree, ketchup, paste, dried tomatoes.
  • Cabbage: cooked cabbage, sauerkraut.
  • Root vegetables (carrot, beet): juice, can, cooked carrots and puree.
  • Bulb vegetables (onion, garlic): dried vegetables.
  • Pip fruit: juice, baby juice, purée, baby puree, jam, syrup, dried fruits, can and cider.
  • Little stone fruits (cherry): juice, baby juice, puree, baby puree, jam, syrup, dried fruits, can.
  • Large stone fruits (plum, peach): juice, baby juice, puree, baby purée, jam, syrup, candied fruits, prunes.
  • Tropical fruits (banana, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, guava, mango): juice, dried fruits, syrup.
  • Citrus (orange, lemon): juice, marmalade, jam, dried fruits, can, essential oils.
  • Tobacco: dried, fermented.
  • Hop: beer.
  • Barley: beer, malt.
  • Wheat: bread, white flour, bran.
  • Fresh legume vegetables: can, cooked vegetables.
  • Aromatic herbs: dried herbs.
  • Mushrooms: dried, mushrooms can.

Adverse effects on food processing and organoleptic qualities (GEP)

  • Wine (CEB methods n°143, OEPP 1/268, German BBA 22-9).
  • Wheat, bread-making (CEB method 218).
  • Apple (CEB method 219).
  • Potatoes (CEB method 231).
  • Fruits or fresh or processed vegetables according to EOPP method 1/242.

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