Global Project Management

Global Project Management

We manage and coordinate GLP, GEP and seed studies throughout key agriculture countries using our dedicated and experienced multi-site study staff.

We will prepare your multi-site study quotation, draft the protocols and study plans, arrange product shipments, drillings, applications, assessments, samplings, harvests, sample shipments, and residue analysis, then write the final reports, thus freeing you from these time-consuming tasks.

In order to ensure that your studies are GLP compliant, we employ our own Quality Assurance staff who conduct all necessary inspections from the start to the finish of your studies.

Regardless of the number or location of the trials, our global network will manage your studies in a timely and confidential manner so that your products can be placed on the market as soon as possible.


Contact :
Antoine Robidas,
Global Studies Manager
Tel : +332 4154 7673
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