Quality Assurance

8-quaQuality Assurance

The increased requirement in agricultural and agri-food production requires constant checks of the systems which have been developed to increase production. For the last 20 years, and in collaboration with its partners in the agribusiness, BIOTEK Agriculture has been committed to permanently control its methods and procedures which are used for the conduct of studies.

Along with the experience gained in developing procedures for Good Laboratory Practice and Good Experimental Practice since 1994, BIOTEK Agriculture’s rigorous application and investigations ensure that you obtain optimum quality control required for your studies.

Our QA audits include:

  • Documentation audits,
  • Critical phase audits (field, agri-food processing),
  • Test facility audits (field, analytical laboratory, agri-food processing laboratory).

In conclusion, BIOTEK Agriculture’s multi-disciplinary team of consultants is at your disposal in agricultural production, crop protection product experimentation and agri-food processing.


Contact :
Laurent PILLON
QA manager
Tel : +33 (0)