Welcome to BIOTEK Agriculture

frontThere are approximately 7 billion people and 1.4 billion cultivatable hectares on our planet. This area is decreasing, mostly because of the aggressiveness of the human activities (urbanization, excessive extraction of water, insufficient prevention against desertification). Globally, the fertility of the soil is degrading whereas the population continues to grow (2 to 2.5 billion additional mouths to feed in 2050). There will be a need for a substantial increase in agricultural production to solve this equation.

In collaboration with companies specialising in plant protection and seed development, BIOTEK Agriculture conducts many studies required to check the qualities of plant protection products and seeds before they are marketed.

In all phases of your projects and at all levels of your business, BIOTEK Agriculture can be of service to you.

photA team of highly trained scientists and technicians are ready to provide you with their advanced education and “hands-on” expertise in agricultural sciences.
The team at BIOTEK Agriculture is motivated to stay up-to-date through regular training, which enables the company to provide optimal performance while adapting to your specific needs.
BIOTEK Agriculture offers a global network of independent experimental satellite stations covering diverse regions and types of agriculture.
Management and monitoring of quality is assured by a specific Quality Assurance group. Our use of farm equipment, as well as trials methodology, is under ongoing advancement and development to meet the changing needs of agricultural experiments.
We maintain the strictest confidentiality for all company materials and activities managed by BIOTEK Agriculture.

The Inspectors of the Quality Assurance unit guarantee the monitoring of field trials and inspections on fields at critical times, assuring the successful outcome of your studies.