All our subsidiaries belong to the BIOTEK Group: we are independent and not owned by a large company with share holders. Thus allowing

– Uniformity in our procedures and working practices,

– Speed and efficiency to adapt/change procedures to specific client demands or requests,

– The ability to prioritize independently,

– The flexibility to accept variable financial invoicing strategies depending on client needs.


l               所有咨询服务项目标准和流程一致;

l                各分支机构能根据不同的客户需求,灵活调整合作模式;

l                各分支机构独立决策,优先落实并满足客户的个性化需求;

l                接收多种费用结算形式,客户便捷优先。


Our global geographical coverage is second to none in the field trials sector since we have facilities in:

– Europe: France, Spain, UK, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine,

– North America (USA), Central and Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica),

– Asia (China).


l                欧洲:法国、西班牙、英国、意大利、波兰、匈牙利、罗马尼亚、乌克兰等;

l                美洲:美国和巴西、阿根廷、哥斯达黎加等中美洲和南部美洲地区;

l               亚洲:中国、菲律宾等。


We have good retention of staff which is achieved by:

– Offering flexible cross working across all the BIOTEK teams across the globe,

– Flexible working patterns to suit individual needs.


l                获得技能和职业发展培训,及外派交流的机会;

l                根据员工自身情况,灵活选择工作形式安和排工作时间。


Our group harmonisation allows:

– Standard practices to be completed across all BIOTEK subsidiaries to a single standard,

– Standardisation on single quality standard across the BIOTEK group.


l                每一个下设机构都遵循拜欧泰农业咨询公司的统一标准和操作流程;

l                在公司技术平台上,调整并适应各个国家或地区的行业标准。