Trials platform for biocontrol products in France

March 4, 2016

Thanks to its extensive experience in the assessment and registration processes for plant protection products, BIOTEK Agriculture aims to play a role in the new challenges brought by the French Ecophyto plan.


Services provided by BIOTEK Agriculture:

Located in Givry, in the Saone & Loire Region, our 7 hectares trials platform (of which half of the area has been cultivated organically since 2014) is meant to be a laboratory for innovative practices.

On this platform a wide range of annual crops, representative of the French agricultural production, can be grown.This is a serviced area that can easily be connected to electrical and computer equipment.Water is directly supplied by drilling and can be used for irrigation and/or misting depending on the specific needs of the trials.The platform is also equipped with insect-proof tunnels for studies on auxiliaries.