What about your Spring trials programm ?

February 1, 2016

A range of services for your spring trials
Agronomic experimentation is one of the driving forces in the agricultural world but requires considerable resources of specialised staff and equipment. In addition, the workload varies each year according to the different programs implemented.
To achieve your experimental programmes efficiently and within the best conditions, BIOTEK Agriculture offers you a range of services, from site searching through to the summary of results :
– Variety trials : for services of your choosing with a dedicated team and a suitable equipment
– Agrochemical trials : fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators
Our 12 experimental units in France and subsidiaries in Europe, Latin America and China allow us to help you manage all your programs.

Increasingly demanding quality requirements for trials
Our GEP accreditation and GLP recognition ensure the strict enforcement of our working procedures which guarantee that your trial will be carried out in a uniform manner, regardless of the site location.